Labour leapt into Brexit’s fires – and now the party is burning

Labour leapt into Brexit’s fires – and now the party is burning Continue reading Labour leapt into Brexit’s fires – and now the party is burning

Bilsthorpe FC 2-3 Harworth Colliery — The Groundhopper

We’ve had a wonderful day out in Staffordshire and have discovered another gem of a ground out near Cannock Chase, close to where Stanley Victor Collymore used to ‘walk his dog.’ There’s no time for a drinky poo on Trent Bridge – Ms Moon is off to watch some comedy at Notts County’s Meadow Lane,… via Bilsthorpe FC 2-3 Harworth Colliery — The Groundhopper Continue reading Bilsthorpe FC 2-3 Harworth Colliery — The Groundhopper

Moving On Up

It comes to us all I suppose. You get to a particular age, lets say fifty nine, the year Forest last won the FA Cup, and you get too big for your nu buck desert boots. You start to spend longer on grooming than you really should, and haircuts cost more than £8. The cafes you frequent get more up market, and gradually you desert your roots. Or perhaps you have them done. You have sold out. We’ve all done it, even The Clash, the greatest band in Christendom did when they put Rock The Casbah out as a single … Continue reading Moving On Up

Sad Cafe: State of the Nation

Kicking Out The Tories, After Corbyn Win By our Special Political Cafe Blogger, Frank Fish Yeah, like that’s gonna happen, Kicking Out The Tories, in my lifetime – how exactly is that going to come together in the next couple of years? Build a nice Movement, is it? Lots of flags? I’m 59 on Monday, and am angry about how this is going to potentially fuck up my kids lives, just as they are starting out. All you ex-hippies, teenagers, gullible students, disillusioned part time Labour voters, hard left dreamers, @DegsyHatton , Scottish Cat Man Diane Abbott, old Uncle Jeremy … Continue reading Sad Cafe: State of the Nation

Hat Trick Missed But El Grande Scores

I was going to opt for a three card trick recently, by going to a local Asda or Tesco. In the interests of balance you understand. However the alleged shameful goings-on at Tesco, involving three of their alleged senior executives and a black hole in the giant retailer’s finances, left a nasty taste in the mouth. Every little counts, in the case of their alleged, er overstating of profits. The three former Tesco executives have been charged as part of a continuing investigation into accounting irregularities at the supermarket giant in 2014, and several previous years. As a result, I … Continue reading Hat Trick Missed But El Grande Scores

Sainsbury’s Pontypridd

My local Sainsbury’s has a café with free WiFi and large windows onto the world going past on the A470 slip roads outside. It also has excellent blinds, which come into their own in the late afternoon. Pleasingly it has a pointy, nautical-style outdoor sitting area, with a nice view of the back of Halfords. To be fair you also get to see a pleasant vista of the bowl of green hillsides in which Pontypridd sits. It has that corrugated metal ceiling and exposed duct-work thing going on, and if you sit at the wrong table, you get a stiff … Continue reading Sainsbury’s Pontypridd

Waitrose Abergavenny

Heading towards Hereford on a cloud-shrouded Heads of the Valleys road, we pondered breakfast options ahead. As we dived down the spectacular Clydach Gorge, we marvelled at the goings-on. It’s currently in the midst of a behemoth of a civil engineering project to dual another stretch before EU funding runs out. As we gingerly avoided earth movers, adverse cambers, and the like, we joined an already-completed section near Govilon. It was the very stretch in fact, where the roadside monkey banana sellers had been located. When driving along this section of road with our small children in the back, I … Continue reading Waitrose Abergavenny

Forest Cafe In The Woods.

    It’s definitely in the woods, although the jury’s still out on whether it’s out of the woods yet, as a venture. There are lots of trees. And it’s a cafe, although it’s also a purveyor of wood burning stoves, several of which are in the cafe.  And there are enough logs stacked against the walls to please David Lynch’s Log Lady, and keep her in wood and kindling for all eternity. So it’s cosy, and highly combustible. This cafe is tucked away up a lane, past several private houses, just off the Heol-Y-Fforest road out of Tongwynlais. It … Continue reading Forest Cafe In The Woods.

Bread of Heaven

It was one of the few hot days this summer, and I use the latter term loosely. Exiting a car park with particularly narrow spaces and a driver whose reverse parking is concerning, we rounded a corner, and came upon, as one happens across a vision, the delight that is Nata & Co Portuguese Bakery and Cafe. As soon as we ventured inside, we saw shelves stacked with all manner of heavenly breads, rolls, cakes and pastries, not to mention warm trays of the famous Pastel de Nata, and we realised we had stumbled upon a jewel. Nata & Co … Continue reading Bread of Heaven

Shed Life

Imagine the scene. It’s a Saturday morning in Wales, it’s blowing a gale out, the rain is approaching Biblical proportions, and it’s August. You’re hungry. For various reasons, your companions snooze later than planned, and you don’t even get to your chosen cafe until brunch time. At first we considered popping in to view the Royal Mint’s shiny new Visitor Experience Cafe, which was adjacent, but the car park was about three miles away from the venue, and a soaking beckoned. Then, as we exited the car park we found we were a mere fifty yards from The Potting Shed, … Continue reading Shed Life