About Andy’s Cafe Society

The cafe, it’s people, food and culture, plays an important bacon roll in our lives and culture, and is almost worthy of an ology. Having said that, there is probably already a degree in post-industrial cafe society, culture and the individual, somewhere in the USA.

Speaking of America, Woody Allen’s new film is called Cafe Society, and I’m sure it’s up to Woody’s usual standard. But it is in no way connected to my blog, other than sharing most of the same letters, arranged in a similar order, which I had christened, before reading about the birth of Mr Allen’s masterpiece.

However like the film, my blog aspires to be ‘a sweet, sad, insubstantial jeu d’ésprit’, at once ‘watchable, charming and beautifully shot’ – yet ‘always freighted with a pedantic nostalgia for the 1930s golden age’ (Peter Bradshaw, Guardian). Some of this may not be entirely true, but jeu d’esprit sounds about right. And charming? Well, we’d have to defer to Patrick Steven on that one…

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